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Love your leftovers

Right – let’s get acquainted. First question: where did the idea for Digimeal come from?

In one word? Desperation. Our co-founder (Sumita) was a hungry student coming home from university, but didn’t know what to cook with what she had left over in the fridge. She was bored of making the same few meals she had mastered the previous summer from her parents and didn’t want to have to ask for help (even though she secretly needed it). Keen to avoid the staple diet of unhealthy costly takeaways, she chose instead to seek new and innovative recipes without having to throw away food, and it was this problem that inspired the two co-founders to cook up Digimeal.

Got a load of ingredients?

We understand the struggle: you buy all the ingredients for the meals you’ve mastered with the money you savour every penny of, but what do you do with the leftovers? Chuck it all together for a rather unsavoury salad? Attempt a basic omelette? Wouldn’t it be great to have an inspiring resource that could make use of the leftovers while eliminating the need to throw away food?

Yes. Yes it would. And this is the service Digimeal provides to you.

Get creating

Let’s be honest. There’s an infinite combination of what you might have left over, and we can’t cater for everyone’s tastes. What we can do, however, is provide inspiration and ideas and give you five tasty recipes with the information you give us.

No one wants to slave away in the kitchen for hours on end, so our promise to you is that recipes will take no more than 45 minutes to prepare and cook. We will provide every recipe with hints and tips including advice on where to buy ingredients, shortcuts and interesting meal additions/substitutions. Whatever it takes to help you make your cooking experience more enjoyable, we’re all over it.



Risha Jindal - CEO

Risha enjoys leading the Digimeal team and strategising the business. Her vision is to create a community of students and young people who all share the desire for good food and reducing food wastage.

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Sumita Jindal - CMO

Sumita understands the student market being a student herself and her vision is to create a memorable and young brand that students can relate to sustainable living and food wastage as well as delicious meals.

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The Advisory Board

Emma Scott

Currently an Advisor to the Board at DC Thomson and as s a founding Advisory Board member, Emma focuses on DIGIMEAL commercial/revenue generation and marketing.

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Ross Tuffee

The Co-Founder at DOGFI.SH Mobile Ltd. On the Advisory Board, he leads in advising DIGIMEAL technical development and strategy.

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Jen Topping

A consultant in Digital Media and on the board, advises on DIGIMEAL product development and best practise consumer engagement.

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Jennifer Elworthy

The Head of Marketing and Communications at Freesat and on the advisory board, oversees and advises on DIGIMEAL marketing and PR.

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Sunil Jindal

Sunil assumes the role of Executive Chairman overseeing DIGIMEAL strategic partnerships and business development

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Recipes featured in DIGIMEAL are provided by global publisher Parragon, from their popular range of ‘Love Food’ cookbooks. Designed to appeal to the aspirational cook, Love Food cookbooks have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. You can visit the site here www.parragon.com

Digimeal are delighted to partner with Parragon.

Love Food Hate Waste

Digimeal are proud to be partners with Love Food Hate Waste. Love Food Hate Waste aim to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste. Digimeal shares with Love Food Hate Waste the common goal to reduce food wastage and therefore, we work as perfect partners. You can be redirected to their site here or via the app itself.

The Big Barn

Digimeal is also proud to be partners with the Big Barn. The Big Barn is the UK’s no.1 local food website. They help people to find good, safe, accountable good from ocal sources. Through the partnership with the Big Barn, Digimeal aims to encourage more students to buy and use farm produce in their cooking for more organic and eco-efficient meals. Our partnership with the Big Barn also contributes to our main goal of reducing food wastage as the produce made that is not fit for supermarkets can be sold to the public via the app. You can be redirected to their site here or via the app itself.

UCL Advances

Digimeal is proud to be a member of UCL Advances. UCL Advances is UCL’s centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction and helps anyone who wants to learn about, start or grow a business. We became a member of the UCL team in June 2015 and since then, have worked on developing the app further and engaging with and understanding the student market more. To see more about UCL Advances, you can visit their site here.


We wouldn’t be where we are today and where we are going tomorrow if its wasn’t for DOGFI.SH Mobile. An award winning mobile development company, you can find out more at DOGFI.SH


DIGIMEAL now available to download.


iDEA award

"In October 2014, Digimeal were winners of the Duke of York’s iDEA Award in association with Nominet Trust. It was an intense 4 month process where hundreds of applicants across the nation competed in a series of three stages to win funding and mentorship."

The One Show

"We followed on to appear on the BBC’s The One Show in October 2014 to showcase our idea alongside the two other winning teams. We presented live and spoke with Nick Hewer (known for BBC’s The Apprentice) about our ideas. He quizzed us on how the app would tackle unusual combinations such as chocolate and chicken- an unforgettable experience."

The Press

"Digimeal has been featured multiple times in national and local press such as The Sunday Times and The Guardian. We have been recognised in the media as winners of the iDEA Award and as an inspiration to the younger generation to get involved in technology and entrepreneurship."